India has witnessed a considerable increase in domestic consumption of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) over the years and the phenomenal rise in the number of LPG connections in the country is testimony to it. However, only 28.5% of households reported LPG as their primary fuel for cooking, during Census 2010-11.

The Government must give air pollution the same level of priority as tackling climate change and reducing carbon emissions when devising transport policy, according to a new industry blueprint.

The “Indian Petroleum & Natural Gas Statistics” presents comprehensive statistics on various aspects of Indian Petroleum & Natural Gas Industries. The data on international developments in respect of the important segment of Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries have also been presented in the publication. The Statistics presented in the current publication cover the exploration, production, refining, marketing activities etc. of Oil sector.

A global agency, International Centre for Energy, Environment and Development (ICEED), has disclosed that 93,000 Nigerians die annually as a result of smoke inhaled while cooking with firewood.

Chairman LPG Distributors Association (DA) Irfan Khokhar and President of Rickshaw Union (RU) Mujeed Ghori on Wednesday demanded of Oil and Gas Authority (OGRA) to take back its decision to ban fil

Per capita consumption has decreased from 1.3MT in 2013 to 1.17MT in 2014

This report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India contains the results of the performance audit of pricing mechanism of major petroleum products in central public sector oil marketing companies. The audit covered the period from 2007-08 to 2011-12.

Pricing mechanism of major petroleum products in central public sector oil marketing companies. This report has been laid on the table of the Parliament house on 18/07/2014.

In a major revamp of natural gas allocation policy, the government will give city gas projects, selling CNG to automobiles and piped cooking gas to households, top-most priority for receipt of dome

These rules may be called the Central Motor Vehicles (11th Amendment) Rules, 2014. On July 4, 2014, India finalized the fourth stage of emission standards for motorized two- wheeled vehicles.