The Government of India announced its decision in 1973 to set up a 6 million tonne per year Petroleum Oil Refinery at Mathura under the Indian Oil Corporation of India.

LIQUID petroleum gas (LPG) connection holders in India, by virtue of this privilege, are entiled to 4 litres of kerosene from the public distribution system. Those not so fortunate are supposed to

A recent, innocuous check-and-tally exercise by the Delhi administration unearthed a giant racket diverting to the transport sector heavily-subsidised kerosene meant for domestic consumption

ONCE the parity in the prices of kerosene and high speed diesel oil (HSDO) ceased in 1978-79 and HSDO prices soared to nearly 3 times that of kerosene in 1992-93, there has been a sharp increase in

15 Sep 2012

Not raising diesel prices would harm economy much more'

Pact will ensure smooth supply of gas to power units in Andhra Pradesh

Seeking to end the power woes of Andhra Pradesh and ensuring smooth supply to power plants in the State, GAIL (India) on Thursday entered into a deal with Reliance Industries Ltd.

Delhi will soon get rid of problems related to scarcity and adulteration in kerosene oil being used by lakhs of poor families for cooking every day as new scheme is coming up replacing kerosene stoves.

The Delhi government, along with the union government, has been giving final touches to a scheme which will replace kerosene oil stoves with LPG and further provide subsidy through banks to the p

It's time the petroleum ministry faced the challenges of oil pricing reforms, instead of hiding behind the oil firms
A K Bhattacharya / New Delhi January 18, 2011, 0:14 IST

A quick estimate suggests that international crude oil prices for Indian refineries (or what oil industry experts refer to as the Indian crude oil basket) have gone up 22 per cent since the government decontrolled petrol pr

Indicus Analytics / New Delhi January 6, 2011, 0:05 IST

The benefits of subsidised LPG fail to trickle down to low-income households in India

Just about 40 per cent of the population in developing countries has access to modern cooking fuels

PM Expresses Concern Over Effect On People
New Delhi: Consumers may be in a soup over sky-rocketing prices of onion and tomoto, but they can expect some relief on at least one front. The government has hit the pause button on raising diesel and cooking gas prices for fear of fuelling a spiralling effect on the cost of all goods and services.