A survey has been carried out in a cluster of four villages in Amaniganj Block of Faizabad District of Eastern Uttar Pradesh in India. The survey is based on primary and secondary data collected from household and village level questionnaires.

NEW DELHI: The Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry will launch the

Aug. 28: Despite the government making the use of LPG and CNG in public vehicles in major cities mandatory, autogas companies are facing hurdles in getting the necessary approvals for setting up gas stations, said Mr S.M. Antony Thomas, the CEO of Indian Autogas Company Ltd (IACL).

The baton for resolving petroleum subsidy woes has been handed

The second oil crisis of 1979 had just ended when the Government of Sri Lanka decided in 1982 to place energy efficiency and demand management as the top priority, with the energy ministry functioning directly under the President.

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Lucknow: As part of its first 100-day agenda, the Manmohan Singh Government has decided to make LPG available in rural areas across the country. To facilitate this, a scheme to appoint one LPG distributor for every 1,000 households in rural areas is being drawn up.

'Significant volumes of LPG are being imported by the private sector under the existing, competition-conducive policy framework, which should remain unchanged for the sake of market stability.' The LPG Association of Pakistan (LPGAP) said on Thursday.

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New Delhi: Even before the new government takes shape, the petroleum ministry is ready with a proposal to decontrol pricing of petrol, diesel, kerosene and LPG. The

About 450 biogas units, based on dung of buffaloes and cows have been installed in the country, which will fulfil the needs of an average family of up to eight members in far-flung rural areas of the country.

KOCHI: Eranakulam District Collector M Beena has said that no families would be evicted to set up the Puthuvype LPG project.