Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has said that wheat would not be allowed to be sold below the support price of Rs. 1100 a quintal.

World Conservation Union (IUCA) has praised the crisis management efforts undertaken in Madhya Pradesh to check deaths of alligators.

Madhya Pradesh has become the first state in the country to constitute committees up to Panchayat level in the sphere of bio-diversity.

Water Resources and Higher Education Minister Anup Mishra has said that 11 lakh additional area has been brought under irrigation during last four and a half years in the state.

The study is to analyse the solid waste disposal system and suggest suitable modification in the present solid waste management practice in city and find out the gap and deficiencies and suggest the r

The Supreme Court on Monday lost hope of settling the vexed issue of rehabilitation of Narmada project affected families (PAFs) by thrashing out the differences between the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA

The government has chalked out several programmes for the betterment of urban poor, but still a lot needs to be done to uplift their living standards.

Over 45-lakh BPL families would be given wheat and rice at subsidised rates of Rs 3 and Rs 4.50 per kg, respectively from April this year. The rate would be Rs 2 less than the prescribed rates.

Problems of the drought-affected people in Madhya Pradesh remain as before. Due to scanty rainfall in Gwalior-Chambal division as also in Bundelkhand, the irrigation was not adequate and hence a good harvest is unlikely. On Monday the question of crippling drought situation in Gwalior-Chambal division figured in the assembly. The Opposition alleged that the state government had been a failure in solving the problems of the drought-affected people and walked out from the House. They charged the govt with making big promises to the suffering people but not fulfilling those promises. Instead, to divert the attention of the people, the state government was making excuses and blaming the Central government for the ills. The government was being partial in doling out relief amount to some selected people, the members charged. The government's attention was drawn towards the drying of crops in hundreds of villages under Bhander canal system, Rajghat project in Bhind district. Water Resources Minister clarified that the Rajghat Canal Project is under Uttar Pradesh. As the dam is in MP, so our state has put pressure on the UP government to give authority for its maintenance. Soon a high-level meeting on this issue is going to be held. The opposition should cooperate with the state government in the interest of the state. Indeed, the farmers facing hardships need relief and other government help. They have nothing to do with the politics being played inside or outside the Assembly. Even they are facing the problem of drinking water. They are already facing the problem of their livelihood but their future is also dark. Keeping aside petty political interests, the parties need to come out with ways to help the farmers.

Farmer Welfare, Agriculture Development and Cooperative Minister Gopal Bhargava said that the state government has made unique efforts in agriculture and cooperative sector in last four years and this is the result of the same that today Madhya Pradesh tops among the other states in the country in agriculture production whereas cooperative institutions and firms have come up from losses of worth crores of rupees and now helping the farmers. Bhargava was answering in Vidhan Sabha today on the supplementary demands of his department. He told that gram production is 937kg per hectare whereas national production average is 808kg per hectare. Our state ranks number one in the country. Similarly, in soyabean production the contribution of our state is 54.41 per cent. In pulses crop production the state's contribution is 24.14 per cent and in oil crop production its contribution is 20.44 per cent. In this way Madhya Pradesh is such a country in agriculture sector which has emerged number one in overall crop production in the country. He said that the state has secured remarkable achievement in wheat production. In the year 1997-98 where the wheat production was 1655kg per hectare now with the efforts of state government it has reached up to 2 thousand kg per hectare. Government of India has proved this achievement of the state. Similarly the state has secured achievement in providing advanced seeds to the farmers. The farmers could only get 4.77 lakh quintal advanced seeds in the year 1997-98 whereas today they are being given 11 lakh 57 thousand quintal advanced seeds. Talking about sugarcane production, Bhargava said that sugarcane crop production has increased due to the agriculture policy of state government. He said that Kisan Mahapanchayat was organised and first time the farmers were given waiving and assisting facilities worth Rs 5 thousand 7 hundred crore which is a historical initiative of the government in favour of farmers. He said that Apex Bank is in profit of Rs 31.42 crore this year. It was awarded as cooperative institution in the whole country. The farmers who were only distributed agriculture loan of Rs 1273 crore in the year 2003-04 now has been increased up to Rs 3 thousand crore in the year 2008-09. In the year 2008-09 the state government has set target to provide Rs 4.5 thousand crore as agriculture loan. He said that the farmers earlier used to receive roan on 18 to14, 14to 7 per cent and now the state government has made arrangement to provide loan on 5 per cent rate of interest. In this connection at around 32 lakh farmers would get the benefit of this provision.