Siliguri, May 5: The forest department has taken up projects to count and study the Asiatic black bear and to find out the status of different species of butterfly in Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary.

Two wild elephants in a midnight raid damaged a primary school at Sevoke Bazar and ate up sacks full of rice and pulses which they probably could not finish during a previous attack.

Personnel from Sevoke police outpost and the local people pushed the tuskers back into the nearby Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary early this morning. Nobody was injured.

- Foresters find 25-30 samples of scat in five-day-long census
Foresters have found 25-30 samples of tiger faeces in the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary during the five-day long census that ended yesterday.

The faeces or scat is the second most conclusive evidence after direct sighting to confirm the presence of big cats in a reserve forest area.

Forest officials have started the tiger census with renewed vigour in Neora Valley Sanctuary, spanning over 113 sq km area in north Bengal.

The census, which began from November 20, will end on Novemeber 25. A total of 33 teams, comprising both government and NGO representatives, are conducting the survey.

The state wildlife week this year turned out to be