a recent report has blamed the International Monetary Fund (imf) and World Bank for putting pressure on Malawi, a southern African nation, to sell 28,000 metric tonnes (mt) of maize to Kenya,

Italy is a zero tolerance zone so far

Bt maize can stunt the growth of caterpillars

Pollen grains of genetically modified corn (Bt Corn), are proving to be fatal for the larvae of monarch

For the first time, genetically-modified grain has been grown commercially in South Africa and will be sold in the market mixed with other grains, a leading seed-seller said.

france has decided to suspend a judgement on whether it will allow the plan

it could be a while before genetically engineered products gain worldwide acceptance. The Switzerland-based multinational Ciba-Geigy's bid to market its genetically engineered maize

The country's remote north-western province could serve as a model for Africa's poverty-ridden, famine-stricken areas. The province has been transformed from a food-deficit to a food-surplus

Zambia's plans to bring in 1 million tonnes of maize to avoid famine after the 1991-92 southern African drought has come a cropper because the country had no organisation to receive the imported

RESEARCHERS in Kenya say a natural means of eradicating the stemborer pest -- the main enemy of maize -- is a 3-mm-long wasp, native to Pakistan. Scientists at the International Centre for Insect