Ludhiana: Though not even a single case of dengue, malaria, or chikungunya has surfaced in the district due to the recent rainfall and sudden upsurge in the temperature, the district health departm

DEHRADUN: A year after Uttarakhand witnessed over 700 cases of dengue; the Dehradun Municipal Corporation (DMC) has decided to initiate steps at the earliest to check spread of malaria and dengue i

In the PIL, filed in the Bombay High Court on Tuesday, the NGO stated that doctors commonly use the rapid antibody test kits for initiating treatment for malaria.

Abuja — ‎Nigeria loses an estimated N300 billion annually to treatment and prevention, including loss of man-hours annually to malaria, the National Malaria Eradication Programme (NMEP) has stated.

Blaming the rising number of malaria incidents to the wrong diagnosis in the private sector, the Government has banned antibody test kits (serological tests) which is being rampantly used by the pr

The summer season is an invitation to diseases such as dengue, malaria and chikungunya. If little care is taken, then one can easily save himself/herself from the vector borne disease.

Although Plasmodium vivax infection is a frequent cause of malaria worldwide, severe presentations have been more regularly described only in recent years. In this setting, despite clinical descriptions of multi-organ involvement, data associating it with kidney dysfunction are relatively scarce. Here, renal dysfunction is retrospectively analyzed in a large cohort of vivax malaria patients with an attempt to dissect its association with disease severity and mortality, and to determine the role of inflammation in its progression.

More than 78 lakh houses across the state were screened in a door-to-door screening campaign for seasonal diseases like dengue, chikungunya and malaria including swine flu by the health department.

Jaipur: A large numbers of residents were found harbouring mosquito larvae in their water coolers etc.

Malaria is a vector-borne infectious disease, caused by five different species of the genus Plasmodium, and is endemic to many tropical and sub-tropical countries of the globe. At present, malaria diagnosis at the primary health care level in India is conducted by either microscopy or rapid diagnostic test (RDT). In recent years, molecular diagnosis (by PCR assay), has emerged as the most sensitive method for malaria diagnosis.