In a continent reeling under the ever increasing burden Of AIDS, there is an expanding tribe of quacks and healers offering magic potions and easy cure for the disease. Thousands Of

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A sustainable energy supply is a precondition for economic and social development and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. In many parts of the world, a large share of the population have no access to modern energy services. At best, towns and industries are supplied with antiquated and unsustainable energy facilities.

Farmers of Malawi, a country in southeast Africa, have warned the government to tread carefully before endorsing the European Union's (eu's)economic partnership agreement. In a statement, the

Will African wild land be colonised again? Moves by Dutch tycoon Paul van Vlissingen to buy some national parks of Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya and Mozambique have split the continent's polity down

The AIDS epidemic shows no sign of abating with five million new cases reported in 2001

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