Malnutrition deaths of children in a tribal hamlet point to the general state of welfare programmes in Madhya Pradesh.

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The Sahariyas, a tribal community inhabiting Baran district of Rajasthan, are fighting to stave off hunger and death; 15 of them, mostly malnourished children, have died since July without medical care. The one-time hunter-gatherers demand work even as politicians debate whether the deaths were due to hunger or disease.

Malnutrition petition: In a suo moto petition taking cognisance of the increasing number of child deaths in Maharashtra's tribal areas, the Bombay High Court has ruled that there are inherent flaws

The World Hunger Task Force must respect the food choices of the poor consumer

from April to August this year, almost 300 children fell prey to malnutrition in just two blocks Akkalkua and Taloda of Maharashtra s Nandurbar district

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New lands of the fat?

Let us now consider the larger terrain in which the results of the surveys must be understood. It is clear that from the mid-1970s onwards, nutrition

From the maw of the Indian state there has emerged an undigested piece of development cake: nutritionally speaking, people’s diets are out of joint. The nutritional value of the food people