Guwahati, Nov.

The World Wildlife Federation has evinced interest in the long-term management of Manas National Park.

This was conveyed by Carlos Drews, the director of species programme, WWF International, to A.

Guwahati, Oct.

The Centre has released the first instalment of conservation funds sanctioned for three tiger reserves in Assam with the rider that they utilise it according to the agreement signed with it and Dispur last year.

The Centre has released Rs 573.08 lakh for the current fiscal, of which Rs 272.72 lakh will go to Kaziranga, Rs 237.50 lakh to Manas and Rs 63.58 lakh to Nameri.

GUWAHATI, Aug 24: The Assam State BJP today accused Forest Minister Rockybul Hussain of helping illegal Bangladeshi immigrants to settle in forest areas in order to get their votes for the Congress in the elections.

Discussion in Lok Sabha on Wildife (25/08/2010).


Manas National Park under BTAD comprising Bhuyanpara, Bashbari and Panbari ranges was formally opened for visitors on November 4 last and was closed on last May 31. During this period the park collected revenue to the tune of Rs 15,34,045. During this period altogether 10,152 Indian tourists visited the park while the number of foreign tourists was only 158.

Proactive action on the part of the Forest Department could place Assam in the forefront of the tiger conservation programme in the country. This would be possible due to the advantages that the state already possesses, which include a stable and growing population of the highly protected species.