The untimely summer rain, which has so far caused an estimated Rs.110-crore loss in damaged crops and claimed 12 lives, is likely to turn out to be a blessing in disguise for fish workers.

Over twenty years ago, Goa enjoyed the peak of its fishing industry.

The South African government has announced a ban on commercial fishing of wild abalone from February 1. The move comes just a few days after the ministry of environmental affairs published

It could be a bitter end to a sweet, juicy story. Maharashtra is planning mega power plants in Ratnagiri district, a horticulture zone known for its finest Alphonso mangoes, which are exported to

Settlement with Naveda

To reach Hairpur, a remote fishing village along the West Bengal coast, one has to get off the main road and walk 2.5 km over a broad mud dyke. Access to this path is blocked by a log barrier.

Environmental court: Pakistan's Sindh High Court has recently directed the ministry of environment to establish environment tribunals, as required by the Pakistan Environment Protection Act, 1997,

Marine fisheries have become very energy intensive

Divers recently filmed a coelacanth fish in St Lucia marine protected area of South Africa. Coelacanths were thought to be extinct for a long time but six of them were spotted in St Lucia last year

Industrial fishing is fast gobbling up the world's marine resources. Worldwide concern for this humanmade catastrophe has forced nations to draw up a Code of Conduct for Responsible and Sustainable Fishing. But will this non mandatory treaty hold out agai