Exposure to lead little has a weak but significant effect on the intelligence of children

A sudden migraine attack in a research subject undergoing brainscan has led to a serendipitous proof of a theory of the origin of the throbbing headache. Known as the "spreading depression" theory,

A single injection of special proteins can make cancerous tumours regress, claim David A Cheresh and Peter C Brooks from the Scripps Research Institute, San Diego. They found that the injected

Sleeves and cuffs made of a new biodegradable material can help mend damaged blood vessels

A new drug for lowering blood cholesterol is a blessing for heart patients

Delhi's All India Institute of Medical Sciences has become the country's first hospital to launch a new technique to detect artherosclerosis -- a disease of the blood vessels caused by cholesterol

In a breakthrough in Alzheimer's disease research, American doctors have converted a simple eye test into a powerful diagnostic instrument for the disease (Science, Vol 266, No 5187). A research

Two studies suggest that the brain and the nervous system are loaded in favour of symmetry

British scientists have evolved a way to make enzymes more tenacious and alter their activity

There is more to pigs than pork. Researchers at Purdue University in the US have cannibalised discarded swine to reconstruct damaged human arteries, veins, ligaments and tendons. Stephen F Badylak