IT SEEMS the war between antibiotics and bacteria is a never-ending one. Time and again these clever organisms have made the most potent drugs look like placebos. But researchers at the Washington

YOU better start cultivating a taste for broccoli. Two John Hopkins University scientists say they have discovered in broccoli the presence of a chemical compound -- sulforaphane -- which helps fight

Scientists have discovered an oestrogen derivative that controls tumours and could be effective against other diseases like arthritis

SCIENTISTS have recently confirmed the presence in the lungs of asthmatics of an enzyme that produces nitric oxide, which damages cells lining the airways. Nitric oxide was known to be present in the

A new study shows that the newborn babies of women afflicted with a severe form of AIDS could fall victim to the disease quicker

The holy grail of synthetic taxol may be in sight. Taxol, used to treat breast and ovarian cancers, is extracted in very small quantities from the leaf and bark of the endangered Himalayan and

Two recent studies claim that spinal tissue can be repaired

Scientists are trying to uncover the adaptive pressures that transformed primates into intelligent humans

The root cause of most disorders of the nervous system often lies with defective genes

A new project is analysing several natural parameters that aid the spread of malaria