landmark is a much abused word when it comes to legal copy. But the Bombay High Court's recent order that six mining companies would have to compensate farmers in north Goa for rendering their


Scientists have discovered a new species of limbless lizard from Orissa's Khandadhar hills. "This 19-cm-long lizard looks like a scaly, small snake,' says Sushil Kumar Dutta, a zoologist from the

Opposition workers join stir

BHUBANESWAR: Thousands of activists of Green Kalahandi on Saturday began a five-day a road blockade agitation against the one million tonne capacity alumina refinery project of Vedanta Alumina Limited. A total of 45 agitators were arrested by the Kalahandi police.

vendata's proposed mining project in Orissa was a matter of intense legal debate in the Supreme Court (sc) from May 16 to 18. Initially, the company, and its lawyers, seemed to have answers to every

robert goodland, an environmental scientist, has come out with a report on Canadian mining giant Alcan's involvement with the Utkal Alumina and Bauxite Project in Kashipur, Orissa. The report

Forum to bridge a chasm deepened by breach of faith A piece of cartographic evidence of inequity is often repeated by social activists all over India. In this evidence, maps of forests, minerals,

This study was initiated in response to a recognition by Go0 and other stakeholders that environmental and social risks o f mineral-intensive growth are closely interlinked, and therefore, developing strategies to carefully manage and mitigate the harmful environmental effects is critical for enabling rapid, sustainable and inclusive growth in Orissa. The study aimed to support the growth

I wrote last fortnight about how mining in Goa for iron ore was ripping its forests and devastating its people. I wrote of the violence and protests I saw in its villages, where miners were pitted against people angry at the loss of their cultivable lands and their water bodies. I had asked then

While mining continues to exploit mineral-rich areas and impoverish their people, a government panel ignores these costs to focus on fast-tracking private investment in the sector.
By Chandra Bhushan