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The just concluded session of the Madhya Pradesh Assembly was rocked by a furore over illegal mining in Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh. What has been particularly embarrassing for the state

As the battle between the environmentalists and the Kudremukh Iron Ore Company (KIOCL) continues over the mining in the Kudremukh area, the families of the employees of the company recently made a

The Uttaranchal Chief Minister, Mr. Nityanand Swami, seems to be continuing with his fight against what he describes as "mafia". Mining and contracts of sand from riverbeds presently in private hands

The Chinese police have detained 15 people in connection with a mining accident that killed at least 70 in the south western region of Guangxi, the state media said as reports emerged of another

The Supreme Court has directed that the Karnataka Government should "consider afresh" the final notification which excluded 3,703 hectares of forest land from the Kudremukh National Park.

The cancer-causing qualities of asbestos have led many countries to ban its use; others mine it under strictly-monitored conditions. But in Pakistan mining and use carry on unchecked in villages - so

On Saturday, the wall of silence and obfuscation surrounding the flooding of a south China tim mine began to crumble, with the Communist Party's main newspaper confirming - nearly three weeks after

Large scale illegal sand quarrying, beyond permitted depth in a lake in Madambakkam, near Tambaram, has affected four villages in the area, resulting in many people migrating to other parts in search

The Madhya Pradesh government has informed the Centre that no illegal sand-stone mining activities were going on in the forest areas of Shivpuri and other districts of the state.It was stated in the

Officials were investigating the accidental flooding of the tine mine in southern China that killed at least 76 miners, after state media accused the operation's owners of a attempting to cover up