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There is no way to stop African warlords from trading illicit diamonds for guns. The black market in diamonds from rebel areas is just one symptom of a more complex problem, the ungovernability of

The Kudremukh iron ore mines in south Karnataka are once again in the eye of an environmental storm.A senior pontiff at the coastal temple town of Udipi has urged Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee

De Beers, the mining gaint, will attempt to clean up the diamond trade by demanding a guarantee from buyers that they are not dealing in "conflict diamonds" smuggled out of Africa. Any diamond

Belgium said it had taken immediate action to enforce a United Nations embargo on diamond exports from Sierra Leone. The United Nations Security Council voted 14-0 to impose an 18-month embargo on

The Security Council has voted to impose a worldwide ban on the purchase of rough diamonds from Sierra Leone until the country's government can establish a system to certify the origin of stones

A potential health risk has developed in the Kakadu National Park where spent uranium tailings have surfaced on a tourist road and spilt into the nearby South Alligator River.An internal document on

A parliamentary committee that visited the Powai Lake on Thursday said that it would recommend a ban on quarrying and blasting in the hills near Powai lake. The 15-member committee, headed by MP

Ironically, precious diamond, gold and bauxite mines have turned curse to the Sierra Leonians. Instead of making the nation rich, mineral resources gave the warlords plunder the wealth, allure the

Forty thousand dams have rendered 60 million people homeless the worldover

Around 105 houses in Ingalgi Tanda on the outskirts of Wadi in Chittapur taluk have been damaged because of quarrying operations by the ACC cement factory