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THE Pakistan government has ambitious plans to tap coal reserves under the vast expanses of the Thar desert, but environmentalists warn that unfettered development could do more.harm. than good.

THE state of Rajasthan evokes images of camels loping over lifeless sand stretching to the horizon, without the welcome punctuation of green cover. So the state government's bid to denotify

The mining of manganese ore by the government-owned Mysore Minerals Ltd and a private Goa-based mining company has "resulted in massive degradation" in the Uttara Kannada district in Karnataka, says

The extraction of aluminium from its ore is a highly polluting process

Sri Lanka's fierce civil war has taken a heavy toll on it's wildlife. A recent report in the Sri Lankan Daily News claims that land mines have killed or injured several wild elephants. Charles

In the the first survey of its kind in the country, the Hyderabad-based National Remote Sensing Agency (nrsa) has prepared detailed maps of the underground fires that have raged in the Jharia

Decades of mining have slopped about 72 million tonnes of lead, zinc and other metal wastes into the Coeur d:lene lake in Idaho state in the US. Now, representatives of the Coeur d:lene tribe and the

Microorganisms are proving to be cheaper, more efficient and cleaner at ore extraction than conventional mining techniques

Plans are afoot to convert the Bhatti stone mines south of Delhi into a major drinking water source for the water-starved Capital. The gigantic stone mine pits, which were closed last year after

Meghalaya becomes a quarry for uncontrolled coal mining