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One of the world's richest biological treasure troves-an isolated area of Indonesia-is also home to a mother-lode of minerals. Something has to give. For nearly two decades, Freeport has conducted a

Four more miners have died after a methane gas blast at a pit in western Ukraine, bringing the death toll to 39 in the nation's worst mine disaster in more than a

It has been one year since the waste reservoir of a nearby zinc mine burst open and more than a billion gallons of toxic slurry poured through the breach into the Guadiamar River, flooding hundreds

Mexican silver mining giant Penoles has been ordered to halve production at one of its plants as officials tighten emergency measures to combat a child lead-poisoning epidemic, officials said.Mexican

The Himachal government was seriously considering declare mining as an industry. This assurance was given by Ms Shyama Sharma, deputy chairperson, State Planning Board on sunday while presiding over

Millions of workers in small-scale mines are being exposed to hazardous conditions as the sector expands rapidly in Asia and other parts of the developing world, the International Labor Organization

Environmental and hilltribe advocates have called on the Malaysian government to urgently provide medical care for villagers found to have alarmingly high blood-lead levels and to reject all

The traditional owners of the Jabiluka uranium mine site last night won a reprieve in their battle to halt the project when the company Energy Resources Australia

A group of social activists, wildlife conservationists, forest officials, researchers, lawyers and mediapersons who attended the Third Consultation on Wildlife Protection and People's livelihood

Unauthorized collection of rocks and stones continues unabated in the Garo hill region threatening serious environmental degradation. Social leaders and official sources said despite ban on