Acknowledging that several States were badly hit by drought, the Central Government on Wednesday said that interlinking rivers was the only solution to the problem.

South Asia is one of the most sensitive regions with regard to impact of climate change, India said today and called for SAARC countries to cooperate in addressing its impact on the farm sector.

Rarely does a large multinational company threaten to leave India. But that is exactly what Monsanto, the $40-billion American seed and agrochemical behemoth, did earlier this month.

US seed giant Monsanto has threatened to pull its genetically modified crop technology from India if the government goes ahead with its plan to cut the company's royalty fees.

Industry and farmer bodies have welcomed the budget's focus on expansion of irrigation across the country, which is likely to irrigate an additional lakh hectares.

The bitter war within the Indian seeds sector seems to have escalated further, with a section of the National Seed Association of India (NSAI), led by its executive director Kalyan B Goswami, urgin

Amid growing hardships of the farmers on account of deficient rains in past two years, the Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved the much awaited new crop insurance policy, which has been named Pradh

Under the new scheme, the premia paid by farmers would be reduced to 2% of the insured value for the more rain-dependent kharif crop and 1.5% for the rabi season, compared with 3.5-8% at present un

With back to back drought years putting farmers under tremendous stress, the Centre believes it's effort to bolster irrigation infrastructure and disburse relief to farmers after extreme weather ev

NGO says it will affect bio-diveristy