Surveys and interviews were used to understand community resilience in forest-dependent communities facing climate change in Cameroon. Surveys of 232 individuals showed a diversity of formal and informal institutions that relate to most aspects of rural life. Although direct activities related to climate change adaptation were limited, the activities and density of membership in rural local institutions could increase the community’s adaptive capacity.

K'taka & West Bengal to be part of scheme in addition to 12 states already covered.

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on bamboo as non timber forest produce, 30/04/2015.

One of the questions raised was whether Government has received any proposal to declare Bamboo a grass or to amend the Indian Forest Act, 1927 for changing Bamboo from tree to grass and notifying it as non-timber forest produce, if so, the details thereof.

Draft notification declaring eco-sensitive zone around Nagazira Wild life Sanctuary, New Nagazira Wild life Sanctuary, Koka Wild life Sanctuary, Navegaon Wildlife Sanctuary and Navegaon National Park

Protected area governance has witnessed a shift from a strict-nature conservation model towards a seemingly more participatory approach in Nepal. Despite some progress, top-down and non-deliberative processes characterise policy making in protected area. However, many civil society actors have increasingly challenged the government to provide space for local people in decision making so that their rights to natural resources are considered.

Judgement of the High Court of Orissa in the matter of Shiba Prasad Sahu Vs Authorised Officer-Cum-A.C.F., Boudh Division, Boudh regarding confiscation of the Applicant's truck carrying Sal Leaves plates by forest officials in Boudh. Consequent upon which, the forest officials initiated a confiscation proceeding against the petitioner under the Orissa Forest Act.

This booklet is the second in the series on small and marginal farmers in India and presents the advantages of agroecological practices.

In view of increasing threat of climate change, extreme whether conditions, and recent financial crisis there has been a concern for augmenting agriculture and food supply to growing population, particularly to the rural areas. Fortunately the communities living near biodiversity rich areas depend on wide variety of plant resources for their survival; selected species have high potential for food supply in near future.

The annual trade of small forest produce in Chhattisgarh has now reached an estimated of Rs850 crore, thanks to sufficient quantity of about 160 varieties of small forest produce available in Stat