This study compares basic transport and air quality indicators for 12 Indian cities. These indicators are reported in city development plans, comprehensive mobility plans, comprehensive traffic and transport studies and detailed project reports submitted to the Ministry of Urban Development between 2005 and 2007.

This stakeholder consultation report presents the results of the analysis of the written contributions submitted in response to the Commission

This study compares basic transport and air quality indicators for 12 Indian cities. It observes that the exploding cities. Observes that at current median household levels in these cities the rate of growth for two wheelers has slowed down and rate of growth of cars is increasing rapidly.

This publication explores how megacities and rapidly growing cities are responding to the urban development challenges presented by climate change. It provides examples and case studies of successful initiatives highlighting the leadership required to tackle this global problem.

This UN report adopts the concept of "harmonious cities" as a theoretical framework in order to understand today

Sustained economic growth and increasing affluence in urban areas have enabled more people to afford cars, motorcycles, and sport utility vehicles (SUVs). The preference for personal mobility has prevailed over public transportation, the latter being in a generally degenerated state.


As urbanization gathers pace in India, personal transport is among the priorities (for access and mobility), especially since mass transport is often not available or is of poor quality. To summarize, public transport and its clever use could bring us many advantages

Automobility enervates, because more cars mean more congestion, less mobility IN NOVEMBER 2004, the journal Nature published a research paper tracing how endurance running was linked to the evolution of our species. Two scientists had analyzed hominid fossils, and found endurance running unique to humans among primates as well as most quadruped mammals. They compared hominid fossils with

Green Jobs: Towards Decent Work in a Sustainable, Low-Carbon World is the first comprehensive report on the emergence of a