Of late, the civic bodies are firm on having a decentralised policy to reduce waste reaching the dumping grounds and the landfill sites.
At source:A plant to treat biodegradable waste in Kozhikode. Such decentralised facilities have become imperative now.

The accumulation of solid waste in cities and towns offers a scary prospect.

Solid waste management is one of the major environmental burdens particularly in megacities of many developed and developing Asian countries. An alarming rate of solid waste generation trends can be seen parallel to urbanization, industrialization and economic development.

The  complexity  of  issues  involved  in  municipal  solid  waste  management  necessitates development  and  application  of  new  tools  capable  of  processing  data  inputs  of  varying formats, numerical models and expert opinions in multi objective decision making scenario.

In the High Court of Delhi WP (Civil) No. 9901 of 2009 in the matter of municipal waste processing plant at Sukhdev Vihar/Okhla. Rejoinder filed filed by Sukhdev Vihar Residents Welfare Association and others.

The disposal of waste presents an increasing challenge to the administrative bodies of megacities. The Municipal Corporation of the Indian city Pune has introduced source separation systems and onsite organic waste composting. The citizens concerned are looking for practical ways to treat their organic wastes and they have found city farming to be a viable solution.

This booklet by Exnora Green Pammal (EGP) begins by highlighting the grave situation in relation to solid waste management in the country and the steps undertaken by the government to tackle this issue.

Solid waste management and good governance are two sides of the same coin. This point was made clear by the British scholar Sir David Wilson who said that the state of solid waste management in a city is perhaps the best indicator of the state of urban

While municipal councils have foiled several attempts of the High Court to get them to attend to the garbage problem in their respective jurisdictions in the last two years, the High Court on Wednesday contemplated imposing fine on defaulting civic bodies would work as deterrent.

With the High Court directing the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) to stop dumping the city's garbage at its present disposal site at Tonca, there is now nowhere for the city's rubbish to

There are many challenges regarding the safe disposal of municipal solid waste in India. Recent attempts have been concerned with finding ways to provide safe and sanitary disposal for solid waste so that our environment is no longer damaged by polluting, open dumps. This document is intended for decisionmakers who are concerned with reducing the pollution and health hazards that are caused by the uncontrolled disposal of thousands of tons of waste each day in open dumps. It will also be helpful for decisionmakers who are concerned with urban governance and urban management.