It is difficult to believe that a hardcore politician, who served as the state minister of industries for a decade, could have a "green" facet too. But, Tiameren Aier is one such person. In fact,

A retired police officer takes up the task of restoring greenery in a remote Naga village

How the efforts of an individual brought prosperity to a remote town in the Northeast

HYBRID VEHICLE: Nissan Motor Company Limited of Tokyo said that it aimed to start sales of gasoline-electric hybrid cars in Japan at the beginning of the year 2000. The

THE race of turning the urban areas of Nagaland into a concrete jungle with no attention to effective and proper planning has emerged as a major cause for concern in this tiny Indian hill state. A

Forgetting the lessons of a drought, Jodhpur's residents neglect the Tapi baori

Heavy sedimentation, high evaporative and seepage losses and water pollution are some of the problems afflicting nadis

Jodhpur's gargantuan thirst is telling on the groundwater tables of its neighbouring villages

There is much in favour of reinvigorating Jodhpur's traditional water sources

The zabo is the chosen water harvesting system of the Chakhesang tribals of Nagaland's Kikruma village. Placed by fate in the rain shadow of a mountain receives 1,613 mm of average annual rainfall. The Chakhesangs have found a way out of their water shor