The historic town of Nanded will have no slums by next year and by 2012 it will boast of modern infrastructure too. At present, around 30 per cent of its population lives in slums.

Mumbai: Sometimes religious fervour can transform an untended city into a model of development.

The occurrences of iron and manganese, in the present study was carried out from Manar dam (Nanded district, Maharashtra). Two sampling stations were selected for present study.

Studies on development and promotion of IPM technology in rainfed, Bt and non-Bt cotton varieties were carried out for four consecutive years (2001-2004) at the two locations at Nawandi and Loha, Nanded in 6th agro-ecological region of India. Sucking pests were 31.4% and 12.2% more in non-IPM than the IPM fields of Bt and non-Bt cotton, respectively.

Eco impact study on Tanzania project Hydrology studies are being undertaken and the Tanzania project would not start until Norconsult comes up with the report.

Tata Chemicals, India's leading manufacturer of inorganic chemicals, has firmed up an investment of Rs 750 crore in next three to four years to pursue its foray into ethanol.

This paper represents the result of chemical characteristics such as Dissolved Oxygen, Biochemical Oxygen Demand and Chemical Oxygen Demand during one year at Nanded (Maharashtra) and Rajahmundry (Andhra Pradesh). It was observed that Godavari River at Nanded was more polluted than Rajahmundry.

The present study was undertaken to ascertain the quality of Godavari river water.

The tribals of Jiwati tehsil in Chandrapur district, Maharashtra, are gradually learning how to fight the encroachers.

The major problem faced by the foodgrain production system of India is the post harvest losses. There are many sources of leakage between production and consumption of foodgrains that not only include wastage of grains during various post-harvest operations but also at the stage of harvesting.