McNeil Consumer Products of Fort Washington, US, has come out with Nictrol NS, aDasal spray containing 100 mg of pure nicotine to 'wean off people &om smoking. The Food and Drug Administration

ANGERED by the dangerous inflow of narcotics into Germany due to lopsided policies of the Netherlands government, the Germans have demanded a change in the Dutch drug policy in no

To do or not to do: is keeping narcotics illicit helping the underworld?

US farmers appeal for commercial hemp farming Two farmers in the US state of North Dakota are appealing against a lower court's decision over commercial hemp farming. The lawsuit aims to end

Switzerland's agriculture ministry has warned the country's farmers that it will prosecute them unless they stop feeding their cattle cannabis. The move follows several recent advertisements

Despite a multi-million campaign against opium growers in Pakistan, production of the 1998 opium crop is expected to be all time high. According to