Gas has been discovered by the Oil and Gas Development Company in its exploratory Pasakhi-West deep well No 1 located in Hyderabad district in Sindh.

The wells were drilled down to the depth of 3.500 meters targeting to test the potentials of sand of lower Goru formation of cretaceous age.

Britain lodged a claim to a large swath of South Atlantic seabed around the Falkland Islands on Monday, setting the stage for a battle with Argentina for control of potentially rich oil and gas reserves in the area.

Ranju Sarkar / New Delhi April 27, 2009, 1:02 IST

* In a few years, households receiving piped gas at home can use a fuel cell unit to produce power and heat, which can also be used to chill homes during summer. The fuel cell unit also produces hydrogen, which can be stored and used to run a motorcycle.

The Siddhirganj Peaking Power Project (SPPP), Bangladesh's first integrated gas-to-power project would add 300MW electricity to national power grid, which was scheduled to be completed by 2011.

Faced with a deep energy crisis due to gas shortage that cannot be overcome overnight, the government considers importing Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), increasing efficiency of bulk gas users to reduce demands and setting standards to promote energy efficient electrical equipment, says Dr Towfiq-e-Elahi Chowdhury, energy adviser to the prime minister.

Pakistan and China are set to sign memorandum of understanding (MoU) to enter into joint venture for oil and gas exploration. The MoU will be signed by Advisor to Prime Minister on Petroleum and Natural Resources Dr Asim Hussain, who left here for China on Friday.

The government is likely to allocate Tk 1,018 crore for Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry for exploration of gas and oil fields and development of existing gas distribution pipeline to provide better services to clients.

It will be a component of the annual development programme (ADP) for next fiscal.

The allocation will be Tk 228.97 crore higher than that of the ongoing ADP budget.

Pakistan has urged Iraqi oil and gas exploration companies to enter into joint ventures with Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) and the Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) to explore oil and gas reserves in this country.

Mukesh Ambani

Amid concerns of the economic slowdown, the government today launched the eighth round of New Exploration Licensing Policy (Nelp-VIII) offering 70 blocks, the highest so far. The government is also offering 10 blocks under the fourth round of coal-bed methane (CBM-IV) exploration policy for exploration of gas.