Methanol can become a low cost, housewife friendly fuel

Under the ocean floor lies an untapped source of energy

The much-hyped project to export natural gas from Burma's Yadana field to Thailand is under fire from Thai environmen

HE green bug has finally bitten the Supreme Court. In a recent statement on March 30, Chief Justice A M Ahmadi declared that all official cars belonging to the court would soon run on

SCIENTISTS say the increase in the atmospheric concentration of methane -- a major greenhouse gas -- is fast levelling off (New Scientist, Vol 140, No 1991). Evidence of a halt in methane rise

Buses in the northern and western parts of the country may soon run on a mixture of diesel and natural gas

LARGESCALE use of CNG as an automotive fuel can give breathing space to people in the heavily-polluted metropolitan cities of India. Motor vehicles are said to be responsible for 60 per cent