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Chidambaram and others are proving to be the best recruiting agents for the Maoists. Let's start with Salwa Judum, which was given unbridled freedom to burn, rape, loot and murder in every place known to have a Maoist presence. The Maoists had the last laugh -- recruitment was at an all-time high

To ensure the long overdue development of the extremist-infested districts across eight states, the Planning Commission will shortly unfurl an Integrated Action Plan (IAP) to expedite development in these parts.

Forest officials of the Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary in Nuapada district boycotted the tiger census fearing danger to their live as they suspected a large number of Maoists have entered the area.

Personnel of the security forces interact with members of Salwa Judum, a vigilante group raised to fight naxalites. A file photograph.

CHENNAI: Natural resources in the country are under threat as vast tracts of land, forest and water reserves are being handed over to Indian affiliates of international finance capital under cover of the eminent domain doctrine, or the state's pre-eminent ownership of land, Binayak Sen, human rights activist and vice-president of the People's Union for Civil Liberties, said on Monday.

Primary Responsibility For Police Action And Development Lies With State Governments: Minister
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UNION home minister P Chidambaram on Monday said the primary responsibility for both police action and development in Naxal-affected areas lies with the state governments, even though the Centre was an important partner in realising these twin objectives.


CHLOROPHYLL must be one of the most precious gifts of god, profoundly more precious than the proverbial nectar, though we neither consume it directly nor can we touch its magical quality. It hovers all around us like a guardian angel, making all the difference between oxygen and carbon dioxide -between survival and destruction.

BHUBANESWAR: In a sign of greater coordination to defang the Maoists, the three neighbouring States of Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh have decided to bridge the gap among them. As a first move, the States will complete all the major and vital pending bridges in the border areas. In fact, post- Dantewada the unfinished bridge projects have gained urgency.

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WE NEED a new paradigm for living on the earth because the old one is clearly not working.