Biopiracy is a compound word consisting of ‘bio’ which is a short form for ‘biology’ and ‘piracy’. Biopirates are those
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If seed becomes a monopoly in the hands of a few multi-national corporations, it would mean destruction of biodiversity, said activist and environmentalist Vandana Shiva, calling upon people to joi

Kerala's famed Ayurveda world is aghast.

Minister inspects saplings nourished under drip irrigation

Forest Minister K. T. Patchaimal on Thursday visited a few spots in the district that were covered under the Massive Tree Sapling Programme, which was inaugurated in connection with the Chief Minister’s birthday. As it has been proposed to plant 3 lakh seedlings – 2.25 lakh saplings by the Social Forestry Division and 75,000 seedlings by the Tirunelveli forest division - in the district under this programme, around 7,000 neem, pungan, badam, teak, bamboo, kumil, vaagai and poovarsu saplings have been planted in three places.

Azadirachta indica A. Juss. (Meliaceae), popularly known as neem, is a wellrecognized tree. Despite its insecticidal properties, neem in the Indian subcontinent is known to be infested by insect pests. In November 2009, mature neem trees in the village of Bhauli, Bakshi ka Talab, Lucknow, started defoliating and soon consumed the entire leaves. This attracted the attention of researchers, as it had hitherto not been observed. Observations revealed a lepidopteran to be the cause of this.

A study has been undertaken to assess the number of six important tree species including teak, mango, babool, neem, kathal and shisham outside forests in rural areas of district Gorakhpur.

New Delhi:The state of trees in the city is “abysmal”, say environmentalists.

CHENNAI: Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa on Thursday inaugurated a scheme to plant 64 lakh saplings across Tamil Nadu.

She kicked off the scheme by planting a banyan sapling in the Corporation park located in front of the State Secretariat. With a view to increase the forest cover and to safeguard bio-diversity in the State, the government has been taking various steps. Due to the ever-increasing number of vehicles and urbanisation, air pollution is going up.

In an effort to enhance green cover, Forest Department would embark on the task of planting seedlings of various fast growing tree species outside forest areas in the district.

The seedlings would be planted in government offices and institutions, industrial premises, private education institutions and along roadsides.

This experiment was conducted to examine the effect of neem (Azadirachta indica) as an antibiotic growth promoter substitute on growth performance, carcass traits, and humoral immune responses in broiler chickens. A total of 192 one-d-old mixed sex broiler chicks (Ross 308) were weighted and randomly allocated to four treatment groups, each with 4 replicate pens of 12 chicks. The dietary treatments consisted of the basal diet (control), control+4.5 mg flavophospholipol/kg, or control+7 or 12 g neem fruit powder/kg.