RIGHTS ISSUE: A patent on atta chakkis (flour mills). It sure was unexpected. But it's been granted. The latest victim of the patent rights regime is the Asian traditional knowledge of producing

China set to wrest neem initiative from India

Now, the natural process by which plants absorb carbon dioxide is translating into profits for the farmers of Karnataka

India emerges victorious from a legal wrangle with the US over the patenting of neem

An Indian research institute has developed a herbal insecticide and a neem based insect repellent

The menace of pesticide resistant varieties can be effectively managed with the help of neem based pesticides

The medicinal neem tree is under attack from an hitherto unknown fungus

Neem clones identified by Indian scientists will boost export of neem based products

THE COMPLETE PICTURE: Televisions all over the world display only 88 per cent of the image broadcast by TV stations. Now, Korean-based electronics company, Samsung is developing televisions that will

india's first fully tested neem-based pesticide is ready to hit the market. In a recent announcement, V K Misra, managing director of the National Tree Growers Cooperative Federation, said that