Noted agricultural scientistM S Swaminathan says:

The following south Indian tale gives rise to some pertinent questions: how many Indian roots has our scientific establishment protected in its mad race towards Westernisation? We should not indiscriminately abhor all that is Western, but should we not re

A lot, apparently. Neem Azadirachta indica and the I?roducts derived from it have traditionally been widely used for centuries, especially in India, for medicinal purposes and pest control. Recognising its vast potential, Western science and industry

Union minister of commerce P Chidambaram's statement Raiva Sabha, that a multi- disciplinary committee has been up'by the government to prepare a regulatory framework implementing the biodiversity

The brouhaha about neern patents gets a forceful rebuttal

THE Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has formulated quality specifications for neem-based pesticides as no specific quality control standards had hitherto been fixed. The growing demand for

A neem pesticide patent acquired by a foreign farm has become for some a pill of contention

India's good old neem tree could be used by industry if it stands by its assurances of research and resources

Fears of neem patenting by Western MNCs are blown out of proportion

This verbally loaded anti GATT film is a shrill intellectual harvest that tends to over romanticise the small organic farmer