stress, among other things, triggers the frequency of epileptic fits

Previous research on children of the Cincinnati Lead Program Project (CCLP) showed a strong correlation of blood lead level with postural balance impairment.

Low-level developmental lead exposure is linked to cognitive and neurological disorders in children. However, the long-term effects of gestational lead exposure (GLE) have received little attention. The goal of the research was to establish a murine model of human equivalent GLE and to determine dose

Research indicate that developmental exposures to apparently nontoxic doses of DZN compromise neural cell development and alter ACh synaptic function in adolescence and adulthood. The patterns seen here differ substantially from those seen in earlier work with chlorpyrifos, reinforcing the concept that the various organophosphates have fundamentally different effects on the developmental trajectories of specific neurotransmitter systems, unrelated to their shared action as cholinesterase inhibitors. March 2008

Nobel Prize-winning scientist James Dewey Watson has attracted a lot of flak for claiming that black people are inherently less intelligent than whites. In an interview to the Sunday Times,

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For better brain A team of scientists in the US has found that exercise has links to brain cell regeneration. The team first looked at the brains of exercising mice using magnetic resonance imaging

scientists from the Karolinska Institutet and the Brain Mind Institute in Switzerland have discovered a cell which triggers off signals that maintain the balance between excitatory and inhibitory

a new study has found that sleep deprivation stops brain cell growth. The team at Princeton University, usa, says that changes in the brain's environment caused by lack of sleep is similar to that of

ARE you giving or selfish in nature? Researchers at the Duke University Medical Centre have discovered that activation of a particular brain region predicts whether people tend to be selfish or