British trade unions are now considering launching "hi-tech" campaigns. Unison, Britain's biggest trade union, spent US $480,000 last year developing a software system called "Local Negotiator" to

Indian scientists have developed a kit to detect a disease caused by tapeworm larvae, which doctors often confuse with tuberculosis of the brain.

A GOOD night's sleep does wonders -- but not because it rests the tired brain as it has been proved that sleep is yet another form of mental activity. Scientists still have to identify the basic

Parents should have some afterthought before using hard transparent plastic bottles for feeding their babies. A panel of scientists has warned that such polycarbonated plastic bottles contain the

researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, us, examined data on chemical toxicity and have identified 202 industrial chemicals that they say are

Latest findings in tests with rats could lead to the development of new pain killing drugs

Researchers are studying the human brain to build complex instruments

stroke victims will now have better chances of survival. In a pathbreaking experiment, doctors from ucla Medical Centre, California, have developed a technique that reverses the plumbing of

Feminists may not like it, but women are softer, gentler... uh, feminine, says science

A sudden migraine attack in a research subject undergoing brainscan has led to a serendipitous proof of a theory of the origin of the throbbing headache. Known as the "spreading depression" theory,