Two studies suggest that the brain and the nervous system are loaded in favour of symmetry

The root cause of most disorders of the nervous system often lies with defective genes

Tissue from the gut transplanted into the brain could help repair nerve and brain disorders, and halt the slow degeneration seen in Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, says Geoffrey Burnstock of

HEAVY metal music buffs who are compulsive hand-bangers need beware because jerking the head to the beat could cause severe injury to their necks (New Scientist, Vol 139, No 1887). Marilyn

Tissue taken from aborted foetuses and implanted into the bodies of patients suffering from several incurable diseases has shown encouraging results

IF YOU thought headaches were restricted to reluctant Mills and Boons heroines, think again. After a 14-year follow-up study of 26 patients, scientists John R Ostergaard and Morten Kraft from the

Agrin, a protein released by nerve cells, helps in triggering off the formation of a machinery through which neurons communicate.

Certain mouse brain cells have been found to be capable of producing neurons. Scientists say if similar cells are found to exist in the human brain, it will soon be possible to treat nervous disorders.