Autism has long been defined in terms of its drawbacks. Now it's time to look at the benefits, argues David Wolman.

Recent epidemiological studies suggest that diabetes mellitus is a strong risk factor for Alzheimer disease. However, the underlying mechanisms remain largely unknown. In this study, to investigate the pathophysiological interaction between these diseases, we generated animal models that reflect the pathologic conditions of both diseases.

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Chromosomal abnormalities are frequent events. Globally, at least 7.6 million children are born annually with severe genetic or congenital malformations. Precise prevalence data are difficult to collect, especially in India, owing to great diversity of conditions and also because many cases remain undiagnosed. Genetic and congenital abnormality is the second most common cause of infant and childhood mortality and occurs with a prevalence of 25- 60 per 1000 births. The higher prevalence of genetic diseases in a particular community may, however, be due to some social or cultural factors.

Mercury has been investigated as a possible cause of autism, but its association with autism remains uncertain. Hertz-Picciotto et al.

With the increase of motor vehicles, ambient air pollution related to traffic exhaust has become an important environmental issue in China. Because of their fast growth and development, children are more susceptible to ambient air pollution exposure.

Mumbai: In recognition for his work in medical science, renowned neurologist Dr BK Singhal will be awarded the Dhanvantri Award by the city-based Dhanvantri Medical Foundation on October 25.

The internationally recognised neurologist, Singhal is considered as the pioneer of modern neurology in India and has immensely contributed to the development of neurology and will received the award.

Lead exposure has long been associated with deficits in IQ among children. However, few studies have assessed the impact of lead on specific domains of behavior and cognition. The authors evaluated the associations between lead and different domains of neurobehavior and their relative sensitivity to lead.

Microorganisms explain more about us and our world than we ever imagined. sumana narayanan courses through rodent brain, feline gut, and the human stomach This is not something you are likely to see in a Tom and Jerry animation. Imagine a cat readying itself to pounce on a mouse. The mouse notes the feline but does not budge. It grooms itself and looks away. Soon, it is cat food.

health The Wnt pathway Scientists zeroed in on the gene responsible for multiple sclerosis, a disease in which the body

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