An optimistic note, about wiping out polio from the six afflicted countries, was to be sounded at a conference organised by the World Health Organisation in Geneva on January 15. Instead, the sudden re emergence of the disease in two African nations Ben

The government of Niger is modifying the country's forestry policy to evolve sustainable ways to harvest wood. It is launching a

Shell, the multinational oil giant, vows to clean up the Niger Delta

The paper is an incisive theoretical overview of the continuing conflict between oil companies and host communities in the Niger-Delta of Nigeria. It examine the contending issues around the substantive functions of oil companies and the latent consequences of environmental degradation which has remained a constant source of friction between oil companies and host communities.


This publication by the Programme for the Promotion of Household and Alternative Energy sources in the Sahel (PREDAS) is a summary of a series of surveys and analyses conducted in the Sahelian countries of Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Chad.

Returning to Africa after a 10 year absence, Chris Reij could barely believe his eyes. On the arid margins of the Sahara in Niger, all he could see were trees.

Even as Niger recently permitted uranium mining in the Sahara desert in the country's north, its parliament sanctioned around us $60 million to defend mining companies against attacks by

Auranium mining company operating in Arlit city in Niger has been accused of adopting inadequate safety measures, following findings that the radioactive metal was harming the local population.

In Niger and Mali, where timber is scarce and expensive, mud building is making a headway, thanks to the efforts of a French organisation called Development Workshop.