The inhabitants of the capital city Dhaka are living with high risk of being suffering from more than 30 major diseases including blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, insomnia, hearing disability and trouble in concentration, as the level of noise pollution in the city has raised up to 106 decibel, where the tolerance level is maximum 50 decibel.

Petition by residents of Nehru Enclave

Cement packing unit stalled

Firecracker industry launches drive against noise pollution laws

the Delhi high court has banned the use of firecrackers and loudspeakers in the National Capital Territory of Delhi unless a special permission is taken. Their use is going to be regulated even

THOSE who wax lyrical about the superior sound quality of compact discs over records or vice versa, do so merely for the sake of argument, conclude German music psychologists who found that only one

Workers in noisy coal washeries have been shown to suffer considerable hearing loss. According to one study, 20 per cent of washery workers had mildly handicapped hearing -- hearing loss becomes a

MANUFACTURERS of hydraulic hammers are being forced to make them quieter, largely following environmental legislation which originated in Germany a decade ago and is rapidly spreading.'Most of them