Reclusive North Korea said on Tuesday it has been hit by the worst drought in a century, compounding chronic food shortages in a country where the United Nations says almost one third of children u

North Korea has updated farming methods and switched crops that could help soften the blow of drought and avert a disastrous food shortage, an aid worker and an analyst said on Sunday, after a U.N.

A fascinating thing is happening, though, that is allowing some North Koreans to use electricity.

Satellite images taken between January and April show a North Korean nuclear reactor that can yield material for atomic bombs may be operating again at low power or intermittently, US experts said

In a country notorious for a lack of electricity, many North Koreans are taking power into their hands by installing cheap household solar panels to charge mobile phones and light up their homes.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Wednesday in New Delahi that an estimated 2.5 billion people around the world lack access to basic sanitation services, of which 792 million live in Indi

North Korea's rivers, streams and reservoirs are running dry in a prolonged drought, state media said on Monday, prompting the isolated country to mobilize some of its million-strong army to try to

When we think of North Korea, we think of a nation determined to be an outsider in the international community.

In this 2014 Nuclear Threat Initiative's Nuclear Materials Security Index released by NIT, India has been ranked 23rd out of 25 countries with weapons-usable nuclear materials. India received 41 out of 100 points, thus improving by one point from the 2012 score.

Chevron, Exxon and BP among companies most responsible for climate change since dawn of industrial age, figures show