The prime minister of Norway quits after he is defeated in an environment vote

A plan to build 26 windmills in Maasoey, in the northern Norwe

WHAT caused the influenza pandemic of 1918 and early 1919 in which 20 million to 40 million people died worldwide and why did so many die in the islands of Spitsbergen, situated in the high Artic

Moscow and Oslo have signed

the oil industry should switch investment from new oil exploration to renewable energy to avoid dangerous climate change, said the Greenpeace spokesperson Kalle Hesstvedt. A technical analysis

hospitals in the us performed radiation experiments on mentally retarded Norwegians during the Cold War, reveals a retired senior health official. Fredrik Mellbye, a top government

The proposed construction of two gas fuelled power plants has become a hotly debated issue in Norway

Soccer may be harmful for your brain. Researchers at the University of Helsinki, Norway, obtained magnetic resonance images of the brains of 15 male soccer players and 17 male American football

High levels of an amino acid in the blood could be responsible for heart disease

Norwegian whalers have never had it so good in the last decade