SHILLONG, Sept 16: Even as the United States of America Consulate in India has made queries about the alleged uranium smuggling in Meghalaya, the police has discovered that these are eccentric postures by a few conmen or a gang of cheaters.
A well-placed source in the police confirmed to The Sentinel that the US Consulate, Kolkata has made a number of queries about the alleged uranium seizure. Nothing definite is known about the confirmed queries made by the US officials while Meghalaya Police was lucid enough in terming the alleged uranium deal as a mere fraudulent act.

SHILLONG: With a hope to break the ice over uranium mining issue in Meghalaya, the Centre is sending its emissaries one after another to the State.

The latest one, after the recent visit of Union Cabinet Secretary KM Chandrashekar and Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission Anil Kakodkar, is Principal Advisor to Department of Atomic Energy VP Raja.

Mr Raja will arrive in Shillong on September 22 to discuss with the State government, political parties and prominent NGOs the proposed Kylleng-Pyndeng-Sohiong uranium mining project in West Khasi Hills.

By Ace Puri

The debate has been raging back and forth about the economic benefits and the health hazards associated with uranium mining in the state. What compounds the complexity and confusion of the debate is a lack of clear understanding of the uranium mining process and its attendant implications on health. This article is an attempt to demystify the various aspects of the uranium mining lifecycle and therefore help the members of the public make an informed opinion about this issue.

SHILLONG: In an effort to woo the anti-uranium mining groups in Meghalaya, especially after the Central delegation's recent failure to convince the NGOs and political parties for the UCIL project, the Centre has sanctioned Rs 800 crore for development of infrastructure around the mining sites in West Khasi Hills.

According to official sources on Tuesday, the decision to sanction the funds was taken in a meeting between Union Cabinet Secretary KM Chandrasekhar, State Government officials and representatives from UCIL and Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) in New Delhi on Monday.

SHILLONG, Aug 26: The Union Government has sanctioned an amount of Rs 800 crore for infrastructural development of uranium mining sites in the West Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya. The decision was taken after a meeting in New Delhi held on Monday between the Union Cabinet secretary KM Chandrasekhar with all the Union Government secretaries, Meghalaya Chief Secretary Ranjan Chatterjee and the UCIL and Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) officials. The meeting, chaired by Chandrasekhar felt that speedy development in the areas would annihilate apprehensions about mining in those areas.

Atomic minerals (uraninite, pitchblende, coffinite, columbite-tantalite, zircon, monazite, xenotime, etc.), containing naturally occurring radio-elements of U and Th, and their geochemically coherent elements like Nb


Andhra Pradesh is emerging as the uranium and thorium hub of the country with new reserves of these rare minerals being unearthed in Chittoor and Warangal districts. Uranium has been found in Kadapa and Nalgonda districts while thorium reserves have been discovered in Visakhapatnam , Prakasam and Nalgonda districts.

SHILLONG: Ahead of Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) Chairman Anil Kakodkar's visit to the State, the anti-nuclear groups have asserted that they will not bow down to the government pressure on the contentious issue of Uranium mining in the state.

Dr Kakodkar, who is leading a high-level delegation to Meghalaya on August 22, will hold discussions with Chief Minister Donkupar Roy, also the Chairman of the All-Party Committee on Uranium Mining, and other senior government officials.

SHILLONG: As part of the Centre's push for early start of the uranium mining project in Meghalaya, Union Cabinet Secretary KM Chandra-shekhar will arrive here on Friday to discuss the vexed issue with the State Government and local NGOs.

Mr Chandrashekhar will be the second Cabinet Secretary after BK Chaturvedi to visit the State with the issue of uranium mining high on his agenda. He is scheduled to meet Chief Minister Dr Donkupar Roy and Governor RS Mooshahary. He will also deliver the keynote address at the State Civil Service Day function in the city on August 22.

SHILLONG: Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) Anil Kakodkar is likely to arrive in the State on August 21 to discuss the proposed uranium mining project at Mawthabah in West Khasi Hills with the State Government.

According to sources, Dr Kakodkar is expected to hold discussion with Chief Minister Dr Donkupar Roy and other top officials on the proposed project. He will be accompanied by senior officials of the Union Atomic Energy Department including its Joint Secretary S Mendiratta.