Mining of uranium in Meghalaya is crucial for India's future nuclear programmes, stated Union Minister of State for Power Jairam Ramesh. Aware about the opposition to uranium by NGOs and other environmental groups in the State, Ramesh told newsmen in Shillong today, "Our nuclear programme will not be able to expand, if uranium deposits in Meghalaya are not extracted,' adding, "Our nuclear plants cannot even carry 50 per cent of its capacity because the uranium deposit in Meghalaya could not be extracted'.

It was the Kursk tragedy revisited as Russia lost another of its nuclear submarines to the Barents Sea. The incident, in which nine servicemen were killed, came just three years after the nuclear

The newfound character of neutrinos is revolutionary

Radioactive material, that is posing a threat to the environment, may have the potential to become a cure for cancer. Researchers have tested Bismuth-213

Environment groups say that Japan s impending shipment of plutonium poses a grave environmental threat

Russia is stonewalling international investigations into a nuclear smuggling case in Czechoslovakia, complain Czech and Western nuclear regulatory authorities. On December 14, 1994, 6 pounds of

Japan has finally broken its long silence on its plutonium stockpile. A white paper on atomic energy by its Science and Technology Agency says that by 1993-end Japan had 4,684 kg of domestic

23 Mar 2011

The severe quake that hit Japan earlier this month and the devastating tsunami that followed it were unfortunate. These two events triggered a series of explosions at Fukushima Daiichi and a few other nuclear power installations. The Dept.