The investment community is encouraged by a steady increase in the consumption of organic and natural food products in the US and western Europe. Although they have to wait for a few years, the

Agriculture and its subsequent effect on the environment, rapidly depleting natural resources like arable land and water, the slackening of the green revolution and the loomingprospect offeeding India's growing population have been the subject of in

Researchers have concluded that high fat diets for infants might have an adverse efteq on their later lives

Red palm oil could be a potent source of beta carotenes which help in combating vitamin A deficiency

Not relying purely on preventive measures is being considered a better strategy for heart patients

Tinytech, a mechanised oil expeller imported from India, is doing wonders for the villagers of Gokwe in the Midlands province of Zimbabwe. A smallscale oil milling business in Gokwe has

A diet low in starch could be one of the reasons for diabetes in women

Evidence indicts excess of iron in the body as reason for coronary diseases and the growth of latent cancers

The global fish catch now appears to have reached the upper limits of sustainability. More than one billion

John Heyning and James Mead from the American National Museum of Natural History in Washington, US, have analysed the eating habits of whales. They found that the female beaked whales or Ziphiidae