The apple is passe. Now, it s chicken soup that can keep your cardiologist away

A diet comprising a bowl of rice and vegetables may seem rather stern compared to the relatively rich daily fare of today, but it was heart-friendly, claim doctors. With the rising living standards,

A study distinguishes the bad fats from their more harmless cousins

If you want to live longer, you may have to go hungry

Good nutrition matters even in the womb

The risk of cancer can be reduced by eating substantial amount of vegetables and fruits

RELEASED in 1997, the book is a compilation of papers that were presented at a national conference, Panchayati Raj - the key to food security and nutrition, organised in India from July 2-3, 1996.

Sprinkling powdered iron into the ocean may help reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide

Poor food intake by pregnant women can damage the immune system of the child

Scientists have for long propagated that breast feeding is perfect for babies and fulfils their total nutritional requirements for the first six months. Realising its importance, Brazil has launched