Earlier, most people ate what was locally available: fish, for example, was a staple in coastal areas, and people living in, or close to, fertile agricultural tracts preferred grains. Classical cuisines are often a good indicator of local food preferences, even if we account for the caveat that these were very often on the plates of the well-to-do. Food was sourced locally.

Bombay HC stays Centre s notification on iodised salt

Fry a little leaf or a chopped bulb of a onion, four-five chillies and half a bay leaf. Add about 100 gm of rice, a few leaves or corms of Colacasia, a slice of fresh bamboo shoot, slivers of Benincasa hipida and Langenaria cineria fruits and handful of pea seeds; sprinkle a pinch of sodium bicarbonate and a teaspoon of salt.

By giving up on traditional oils, we lose out on nutrition

But a poor way to bell the malnutrition cat

Industry is forcing bad calories upon people, especially the poor

No body knows for sure how the ragi bandwagon started, but all of a sudden the urban elite became curious about the grain. Today, it is being minutely scrutinised by a few truth seekers while eateries make a beeline for its cuisine

the Union ministry of human resource development has directed all state governments to use only iodised salt in food given free of cost under their nutrition-related programmes. "The decision

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Abundant, nutritious and tasty. Yet, traditional desert food is gradually losing out to commercially grown crops