Catalytic converters, devices meant to clean car exhausts, are backfiring on the environment

US-based activists and representatives from the Indian Association of Occupational Health (IAOH) called for a ban on all activities relating to mining, manufacture, use and trade in asbestos at a

Having done precious little to clean up its polluting act in the past 30 years, a Kerala factory is indirectly blackmailing the state government with a closure notice if it does not get raw material at dirt cheap rates

An us7owned vanadi'u'm mine in Vametco in tfie North West province seems to be doing a repeat of the Bhopal gas tragedy. Inhabitants of the villages of Mothutlung which has a population of

The Supreme Court has directed all industries involved in mining or producing asbestos to create adequate healthcare mechanisms for diagnoses and treatment of workers engaged in these units. The

Can the high pollution levels in Delhi lead a person to commit suicide? A 40-year-old deputy secretary in the ministry of rural development, L Balachandra, had committed suicide at his Pragati Vihar

About six million people employed in India's beedi industry risk developing cancer from handling tobacco leaves

Computer manufacturers have come up with new designs for keyboards that they claim, will help users avoid painful wrists and hunched shoulders.

Workers in noisy coal washeries have been shown to suffer considerable hearing loss. According to one study, 20 per cent of washery workers had mildly handicapped hearing -- hearing loss becomes a