Global warming is threatening marine organisms by depleting oceans oxygen

Squeezing life out of oceanic ecosystems, communities around the world leave the waters contaminated and dirty, unable to sustain the vast array of diversity which is stifled to extinction

Suriname's northwest district of Coronie is threatened by encroaching Atlantic waves that have created a saltwater swamp. Swampwaters are starting to eat into the main road through Totness, the

Plastic waste is threatening ocean biodiversity

A slowed down ocean circulation has led to Pacific Ocean releasing less amount of carbon dioxide

Antarctica seems to be melting and contributing to the slow rise of the ocean levels, scientists from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the

The International Whaling Commission, which was formed to conserve and utilise whales in a sustainable manner, itself is now struggling for existence

An unusual, plant-like bacteria capable of a type of photosynthesis is available in far more numbers in the ocean than previously y assumed. The discovery adds a new component to the ocean's carbon

Human-made wetlands do not act as good water filters suggests report that connects a restored coastal marsh in California, USA, with the contamination of a nearby beach. Persistently high levels of

Norwegian researchers believe