Ocean sequestring gets more difficult to understand

GHGs raise ocean temperatures

Medicinal values of marine life make it vulnerable to overexploitation. But it is now possible to artificially produce such qualities

Iron leads to the growth of algae, which absorb carbon dioxide

Global warming is threatening the Earth's thermostat. In the past two decades, average annual temperatures have climbed as much as 4

Scientists struggle to explain the rapidly rising sea surface temperatures in the Northern Hemispere

It is now well-known that albatrosses use smell to find food and

In recent times there has been an alarming trend: that of feeding ocean-caught fish to farmed fish. It takes five pounds of ocean fish to produce one pound of farmed fish, therefore putting an

the Chilean government is considering a proposal made by an Australian oceanographer and a Japanese engineering company to fertilise the ocean with nitrogen. This would enhance the ocean's

The Earth's oceans are going to dry up and disappear in approximately a billion years. Anyway by then there would be no human beings to mourn the loss as much of the carbon dioxide would have been