In less than a generation oil palm cultivation has emerged as a leading form of land use in tropical forests, especially in Southeast Asia. Rising global demand for edible oils, coupled with the crop

The main threat to the survival of primates in Sumatra is habitat destruction, but there is also an increasing problem of conflict with local people due to crop-raiding. This study characterizes the perceived impacts of primate crop-raiding in four villages in North Sumatra. Ninety-eight semi-structured interviews were conducted to collect data on (i) crop species, (ii) which vertebrates are thought to damage crops, (iii) the perceived extent to which each vertebrate species damages crops, and (iv) the preventive measures taken in the four villages.

VIEW FINDER NOT A USUAL EXERCISE Soldiers smell the ground to detect bodies of flash flood victims in Taiwan after Typhoon Morakot battered the island"s southern region in the second week of August. The typhoon, which Met officials call the deadliest in 50 years, also triggered mudslides; one such mudslide

This latest report examines the current state of knowledge and research needs with respect to global trends in oil palm production and their impact on the environment and livelihoods, including impacts on deforestation and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Also focuses on the impacts of increased cultivation for biofuel production.

Southeast Asia witnesses high rates of deforestation and forest degradation. Large-scale deforestation for agriculture
(notably oil palm) is driven by international market demand. Small-scale deforestation is partly driven by: market


Rapid expansion in the use of agricultural crops as a transport
fuel has been justified in Northern countries as a prodevelopment

A proposed biofuel project in two remote provinces of Indonesia is drawing much controversy, as environmentalists contend that the project would destroy some of the world's most biodiverse and

Economy and ecology are once again pitted against each other. Indonesia recently drafted a plan to create the world's largest oil palm plantation in Borneo's Kalimantan region, a venture expected to