Ever wondered why the pack of soap you picked up mentions the weight as

EU directive seeks to blacklist suppliers failing to comply with eco-labelling norms.


A former engineer at DuPont has claimed that for two decades the chemicals company concealed test results showing leaching of toxic chemicals from a paper coating used to give grease resistance to

Within the framework of the realisation of the directive on Integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC-Directive 96/61/EG), the techniques and the possible abatement options for numerous industrial sectors have to be characterised on a process level with regard to environmental benefits, technical practicability and especially economic feasibility.

German firm finds way to make cheaper styrene

The Philippine government has introduced a new law that requires local government units (lgus) in Manila to reduce their waste disposal by 25 per cent within five years. To achieve this target,

Scientists at the National Research Development Centre, New Delhi, have developed a bio-degradable polythene material that could

US food scientists have found a way to make biodegradable packaging material from a protein extracted from corn. Researchers at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, turned

A new way of assembling boxes, combined with new coatings for cardboard, will make cardboard boxes airtight for the first time. This would be an end for the crinkly paper bags that nestle inside