Tourists planning an outing at Betla National Park, Palamau, in the next few months may just do well to forgo the trip.

For, the wildlife authorities have decided to close the park for three months from July 1 to provide privacy to animals to help them breed.

The arrival of a weak monsoon in Jharkhand today is bringing with it additional problems for parched districts of Palamau where at least 135 cattle have apparently died due to a scarcity of drinking water.

This indicative plan has based on the work of field/park directors and their colleagues in the eight protected areas, and of various non-governmental organisations involved in carrying out PRA in the proposed project area.

The High Court of Jharkhand has passed an order banning bauxite-loaded trucks from driving through Palamau Tiger Reserve, Palamau Wildlife Sanctuary and Betla National Park at night. The advocate