In Down To Earth's first Country Report, ANIL AGARWAL and SUNITA NARAIN look at Papua New Guinea, its short but volatile transition to the market economy, its unique land tenure system and the mining and forestry sectors.

WITHIN the international community, few people have cared to study the environmental behaviour of Papua New Guinea. Its traditions provide a very instructive experience: they show the world how to

While western investors are lining their pockets with Papua New Guinea's rich natural resources, all the government is getting in return is a degraded environment.

Leaf fall and reproductive phenology of Avicennia marina assessed during 1982-83 using litter fall collections from twenty-five sites in Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand revealed major trends with latitude. Flowering shifted from NovemberDecember in northern tropical sites, to May-June in southern temperate sites. Periods between flowering and fruiting increased from two to three months in tropical sites to ten months in southernmost sites. Leaf fall was more variable with unimodal annual peaks in temperate sites and often multimodal patterns in the tropics.

Soaring food and energy prices are likely to push five per cent of the population of the small island economies in the Pacific into poverty, the Asian Development Bank said Tuesday.
Oil producers East Timor and Papua New Guinea, which is also boosted by high mineral prices, are

A daily newspaper of Papua New Guinea recently said cabinet members voted to shut down a copper mine situated in the Star mountains. The mine is operated by Ok Tedi Mining Limited. This decision

Some languages are murdered

Repositories of knowledge

The villagers of Papua New Guinea (PNG) are caught in a legal tangle. They would invite prosecution from their own country's courts if they continue to demand compensation for environmental

A six-year-old mine dispute between the villagers of Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Australia's largest company, the Broken Hill Pty Company (BHP) Ltd has been settled out of court. PNG landowners